Are your meetings - ´Miserably disappointing gatherings´?

Radio 4´s Eddie Meyer reviewed papers from the Cabinet released from the 1980s and focussed on the reported meeting culture in the Thatcher Cabinet office. His guests were invited to discuss the value or otherwise of meetings and restated the long held belief that many hours are wasted in poorly planned meetings, oftentimes run by an egoist, with ill prepared and largely inattentive participants (who can blame them?!). At a time when productivity and making maximum use of reduced resource (including people time) are so critical to the bottom line, the time to invest in best practice in meeting planning and making the most out of the time and people available in meetings should be at the top of the agenda on every organisation. Can you afford not to? Listen in to the discussion, scroll to 13.45 on the timeline and take five minutes to decide if its time you put facilitation skills training on the agenda.

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