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We specialise in facilitation. Providing skilled professional facilitators to work with you to get the best out of the time and the people in your meetings and events or to train you and your team to develop your skills and confidence in the design and facilitation of meetings. So when you come together to meet, to solve, to create, to develop, to decide and plan to act - you do! No matter how complex the issue, how many people you have involved, how challenging and how diverse the stakeholders, facilitate this! have the team and the experience to help.

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What do facilitators do?

This is an often asked question and one that is answered graphically and succinctly in this short (3:57) You Tube video from IIAFC. Seat belt on, click and let’s go!

Question: Why are facilitators like Penguins?

Answer: When in the water, they spend seventy five percent of their time under the surface!

For both penguins and facilitators what lies beneath the tip of the iceberg is a world of discovery. The tip of the iceberg represents what we know and can touch in any session, the content, the methods being used to support participation and the tools to help clarify, define, support thinking, decision making and planning. What we cannot see are the elements that might be motivating participants to contribute or not, agree, disagree, challenge or remain silent for example. Facilitators consider what is under the surface as part of their meeting design and bring their skills and experience to support progress and process once they and the group dive in! 

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Open Workshops

Facilitation Skills Workshop - June 24th & 25th 2020, Leeds

This two day facilitation skills workshop is dynamic, packed with tools, methods and techniques and provides opportunities to build on your understanding through the design and facilitation of short sessions along with participating and observing others facilitating. 

Ahead of the workshop you are offered the opportunity to assess your current levels of competence and understand more about the core facilitation competencies, roles and responsibilities leading into the workshop days.

The Facilitation Skills Workshop Fee of £595.00 plus VAT includes lunch and refreshments for the duration of the programme, a facilitation workbook and facilitation skills pocket-guide.

The workshop will be held in Central Leeds. Join Us!

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Meeting Design & Facilitation

Designing meetings to match your objectives is our business and facilitating them is our passion! If you have an event, away day or meeting to plan and you wish to commission a facilitator to help in the design and/or facilitation, then contact us, we have a facilitation force ready to help take the strain!

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Facilitation Skills Training

We will come to you! 

Our selection of facilitation skills workshops will take you and people in your organisation from first steps in facilitation to facilitation mastery… whether facilitating meetings, leading workgroups, projects, facilitating learning, building partnerships or facilitating transformation we have a facilitation skills programme to match, or we can create one just for you. Call us!

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