About facilitate this!

We are here to to help you to plan to get the best out of the time and the people you have so that when they come together to meet, to solve, to create, to develop, to decide and plan to act- they do, no matter how complex, how many people you have involved, how challenging and how diverse the stakeholders, we are here and have the experience to help.

Our team of skilled professional facilitators work with you throughout the planning process to ensure we create a meeting plan that will deliver. You may have a three hour board meeting, a ninety minute virtual project update, a one day staff engagement event, a two day company conference or team workshop or a five day sandpit, whatever your event we have a facilitator with the tools and skills to help you.

During the event our wealth of experience and depth of skills will ensure that we are able to maximise contributions and participation, manage conflict and help groups work through challenges and complexity, build commitment to decisions and plans of action, keep an accurate record of meeting progress and keep to time, to task and have fun in the process, if the context allows it.

Our clients have consistently put the success of their events down to our ability to quickly grasp their requirements, thoughtful planning, our creative use of the people, space and tools available to us and our ability to harness the people and spirit of their organisation throughout. To find out more about how we can help you,  visit meeting facilitation or conference facilitation on the left hand tab or call us and let us start planning for the success of your event.

If you would like more people within your organisation to have the skills, tools and confidence to facilitate more effectively then visit facilitation training to find out more about how we can help.

Our Mission

To promote, develop and deliver excellence in facilitation

Our Vision

  • Facilitation skills are an integral part of people development programmes within organisations
  • Workforces engaged in solving problems, developing solutions and contributing ideas to enhance business effectiveness, efficiency, productivity and growth
  • Meetings that make a difference!

Our Values

Open & Honest

Saying yes if we can, listening and being prepared to challenge in order to strive for the best possible design and process with you

Bold & Creative

Constantly pushing the boundaries of how time, people and space can be used to support your meeting objectives, testing ideas, creating and trying new things, working with you to get the right design for your needs

Focused & Fun

Totally committed to delivering excellence in our service and maintaining a sense of humour throughout

Listening & Learning

Continually striving to improve through understanding more about our customers and learning from our successes, our mistakes and the people we work with. Continually developing our people to stay ahead.


Working with relentless energy both with you and for you to achieve agreed objectives.

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