Facilitate Le Tour

Facilitating the interplay between indiviudals, the teams they form part of, the shared ambition and responsibility is what every organisation is challenged with every day. Leaders having to make tough decisions, (Dave Brailsford´s shoes anyone?), individuals and teams climbing their own mountains on a daily basis, some freewheeling, some trying to shine, others disappearing into the pack, competing with others or playing outside the agreed rules. New and young recruits trying to learn the rules and understand the culture both within their own team and across the wider organism that is the peleton. Smaller teams/communities forming to work on specific tasks (the break away groups) finding common ground and shared interests to work hard together, building alliegences that can last for one day or many. So much to harness, galvanise and facilitate! 

Effectively the dynamic of the tour is a microcosm of what is happening within your organisation, the missing pieces of the jigsaw? The crowd, providing encouragement and energy to support, maintain, congratulate and raise performance, which for business comes from customer feedback and supply chain feedback and finally the celebration of achievement at the end of each day - King of the Mountains, Yellow Jersey, Green Jersey, White Jersey all recognising effort and achievement - how do you celebrate and recognise yours?

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