Facilitating Ambivalence

What is better? To have people sure of the option and decision they wish to take and make and come to a meeting with it firmly rooted or to have people come to a meeting open to the options available? facilitator says.....

Facilitating from a starting point of ambivalence provides the facilitator and the group the opportunity to explore options and arrive at a decision based on full and unbiased insight into the merits of each. Where people arrive firmly fixed on an outcome they wish to see and the path they believe needs to be taken, whilst their passion and commitment is welcome, their fixation can leave them blind to other possibilities.

Inviting people to share their already formed ideas and recording them in order to acknowledge them is the first step in giving people the space and possibility to explore other options. Next step is to understand the interests the whole group is trying to serve and identify those that are shared, with those shared interests there is a possbility to build solutions that serve them, together and with that harness passion and commitment along the way.

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