Facilitating Productivity - it´s a win win!

There are so many ways in which organisations engage their workforce in identifying different ways of doing things in order to enhance productivity - manufacturing led the way with lean, six sigma, problem solving workshops, kaizen and a whole host of everyday improvment steps to identify waste and remove it through simple steps or revolutionising systems and process. Everyday meetings are another opportunity to enhance productivity however a blog does not give enough space for that challenge!

Meetings aside, on a recent assignment we have been working with a hospitaility business to engage managers and heads of department in the process of identifying opportunities to drive efficiencies and increase sales across the group through facilitated workshops - the only proviso being any intiatives must maintain or enhance the customer experience. The workshops were a hive of ideas, energy and building commitment to making the most of every ounce of resource be that people, product or service to deliver an efficient business with the customer at the heart and as importantly responsibility and excitement about achieving those efficiencies firnly rooted in the hearts and minds of those delivering the service.

A set of external eyes and a report can do something to help a business have a fresh look at the way it does things however, a facilitated workshop giving the peopke who are in the business day in, day out, the time, support, structure and trust to step back and take a look and use their oodles of years of experience (some days we had over 200 years in the room), to bring to bear on the business challenges - they can not only tell the story, they will create a different future, and not only that they will leave excited about making it happen. That´s the power of facilitation and staff engagement working together.

Now that´s a win win!

Facilitating Productivity

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