Facilitating Engagement

Poor meetings are taking their toll on staff engagement. A study by Steven Rogelberg, of the University of North Carolina, and colleagues showed that how workers feel about the effectiveness of meetings correlates with their general satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their jobs, even after controlling for personality traits and environmental factors such as work design, supervision, and pay. Instead of improving communication and collaboration, as intended, bad meetings undermine those things. It´s time to think like a facilitator when planning, designing and running your meetings!

Whether its an two hour meeting, a one day workshop or a one hour conference call, there is no excuse for poor planning and preparation. The cost alone of bringing people together should be case enough to ensure that what happens when they meet has been carefully planned and the person holding the chair has the skills and tools to support the highest level of participation and progress in the time available. 

To focus on cost here´s a very simple example: ten senior managers at the table each paid an average of £60K,  £31.00 per hour ( 60,000/52/37) which equates to £930.00 for ten people to meet for three hours (not including venue cost, refreshments and travel if you are meeting away from the office).

If the meeting is poorly prepared, starts late, finishes late and achieves little - that´s £1000.00 spent along with the opportunity cost of productivity had they not been there, plus the impact on their engagement (reported by Steven Rogelberg) which comes later and at an additional cost.

Now look at the cost of all the meetings run in one day in your department or across the company and let´s agree that meetings present a huge cost to every organisation. In any survey of meetings they are widely reported as a´waste of time´so if 50% of those meetings achieve little - at what direct cost to your organsiation? So where to start?

Making the time spent in meetings more effective? Facilitators plan and design meetings to do just that so we are confident that investment in training for meeting leaders in your organisation will have the potential for 100% ROI in the first week following training, leaving the remaining 51 weeks to profit immensley from your investment.  

A two day facilitation skills workshop, will provide managers with tools to plan and design meetings, be that department/team meetings, wider organisational meetings or client/stakeholder meetings along with insights, skills and tools to keep meetings on time, on track and maximise participation and engagement and deliver the meeting objectives, time after time, after time.

Is it time to put meetings on top of your engagement agenda?

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