Bespoke Facilitation Training

Facilitation is our business and we want to use our experience to ensure it helps yours…

Facilitation Skills and Styles Profiling

Whether you have already identified your individual/team/organisational facilitation training needs or wish to do so, here at facilitate this! we have the tools to support you to do so. Once you know where your development needs are then we can set about building a development programme to match them.

In House Development Programme

We are confident that we can design a people development journey to match your programme requirements. Do you wish to build breadth within your team or organisation to have more people who have more skills, tools and confidence to facilitate projects, meetings and events more effectively as part of everyday business? Are you looking to develop a small cohort of professionals to work across the business to facilitate key strategic or core business requirements? Do you have a special project team that need a fresh look at facilitation, a few new tools and a boost of confidence before going out into the business? Whatever your requirement, call us and we can design a programme to deliver fresh insights, ideas and inspiration in this key skill set.

Internal Consultants/facilitation teams

Do you have a facilitation team working for and throughout the organisation to stimulate change, improve processes, engage with the wider workforce or support transition from one set of systems to another? Yes? Invest in them! We travel the world looking for fresh ideas, fresh thinking and new tools to support the facilitation of groups, processes and projects. Tap into that through a combination of facilitation workshops, webinars or facilitation focus training to give your people the facilitation skills, competence and confidence they need to help them to engage the wider workforce in delivering your business/organisational objectives.

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