Facilitation Skills Workshop

Facilitation Skills Workshop Facilitation Skills Workshop Facilitation Skills Workshop


This two day open facilitation skills workshop is designed for professionals who want to spend quality time exploring core facilitation roles and responsibilities when working with groups. The course is dynamic, packed with tools, methods and techniques and provides insight into and many opportunities to practice and demonstrate the key facilitation competencies. You will enjoy a structured, safe and creative environment in which to get to grips with and master many aspects of group facilitation including how to:

  • Set up a group/meeting/project for success
  • Engage people and maximise their participation in the process
  • Design and facilitate a meeting from ‘agenda to action’
  • Use a variety of tools to match a host of objectives including clarifying and defining the issues; problem exploration, ideas generation, facilitating decision making and action planning
  • Recognise difficult behaviours and situations and use tools and strategies to intervene and keep people on board and events on track
  • Use the reviewing cycle and select tools to facilitate team/project and meeting reviews

Who should attend?

  • If you have experience of group facilitation and need to develop your skills, confidence and repertoire of tools and techniquesto improve your effectiveness then this course has the content, creativity and design to help you to do that.
  • If you are in a post that requires you to facilitate teams and groups; involved in facilitating meetings, training events, development programmes, facilitating staff and stakeholder engagement, projects and initiatives designed to support change, process improvement, facilitate transformation, quality or choice then this course will provide you with structure, insights, methods and tools to support you in designing, facilitating and reviewing whilst maximising engagement and progress towards objectives.

Join us on the next programme and experience the difference that skilled facilitation can make!

What previous participants have said…

  • “Essential for anyone dealing with meetings and managing change”
  • “Hands on skills development in a safe environment”
  • “Inspiring and Challenging”
  • “A confidence builder”

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