In House Facilitation Training

We come to you! Why not get a group of team leaders or project managers together and let us help you to help them make a real difference to their meeting effectiveness with a one or two day facilitation skills workshop?

Poor meetings are bad for the health of your company. They waste time, talent and resource, create negative feeling and provide space for a melting pot of poorly defined issues, incomplete and scarcely evaluated decisions and actions that only those who suggested them are prepared to sign up to, sound familiar? With preparation, skilled opening and contracting, with clear conducting (bringing in and using all the experience and assets you have in the room at the right time) and with clear process, your meetings can become a microcosm of your organisation - lean, efficient and effective and boosting morale of those attending. Put facilitation skills at the heart of your leadership, management team and team leader development starting with our one day fast track workshop to raise awareness, build skills and provide a set of bread and butter facilitation tools that will start making a difference at your very next meeting:

We will provide you with:

  • A programme that will exceed your expectations
  • A workbook written to support the day and facilitation pocket guide for all participants
  • A skilled, professional facilitator to support you throughout the day
  • Meeting effectiveness surveys and facilitation competence assessment for you to complete ahead of the day
  • A selection of facilitation manuals and books for you to check out during the course of the day

Call to Action

For in house faciltiation skills training on specific programmes or initiatives, see our Facilitation Training pages or click on our Facilitation Focus series, in the left hand title bar, for ideas and examples of how we have helped our clients to match facilitation skills development with their organisational objectives.

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