Facilitating Learning

Facilitation Skills for Training Teams

Facilitation skills are key skills for those people within your organisation who have responsibility for developing the skills and competence of others; be that in the classroom/workshop/lecture theatre, on the job or as an integral part of day to day development. This creative and highly participative workshop starts by understanding the role and competencies of skilled facilitation and comparing and contrasting those with that of a trainer to develop the role of ‘facilitator of learning or facili-trainer’. Through a process of modelling, facilitating, training, experience and feedback the workshop aims to enhance confidence and build on the creativity of participants to redesign their materials and session plans and to bring learning to life through drawing on the role, tools, methods and interventions available to a facilitator to help in the design and facilitation of participative and engaging learning experiences.

Our 2 day workshop covers the following areas:

  • What is facilitation, how does it differ from traditional teaching and training methods, when to use facilitation and how to move between different styles of delivery
  • Setting up for success and creating an environment for learning
  • Understanding the factors influencing group dynamics and how to plan for and work with them
  • Tools to maximise participation and engagement in the learning process and how to match them to learning outcomes
  • Recognising difficult behaviours and how to manage and intervene - from prisoners to over-enthusiastic contributors!
  • Using questions to clarify, challenge, probe and enhance and keep the learning with the learners
  • Using the review cycle to review the experience of learning, the learning and the transfer of learning

If you are responsible for a team of people who themselves are responsible for the development of others within your organisation and you want to give them an opportunity have a fresh look at training design and delivery, drawing on the core facilitation competencies and building on the lastest thinking in brain friendly learning/multiple intellingences then look no further. Contact us here at facilitate this! and let us start planning together for a workshop to bring energy, engagement and creativity into the training room.

Ideal group size 6 to 12.

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