Facilitating Public Engagement & Consultation

The mandate to involve, engage and consult with the public is now everyone’s business - so take comfort in the fact that you are not alone!

Public involvement presents a rich mix of challenges for any organisation including competing values and interests; entrenched positions; heightened emotions; hosts of assumptions; raised expectations; many factions; mis-communication and rarely a shared experience to build on. It is with this in mind that the planning to build and facilitate a truly engaging and open, honest consultation begins.

facilitate this! can take the strain of public involvement and consultation for you. We will design and facilitate public involvement and consultation meetings to match your responsibility or requirement. If you wish to gather views, explore issues, engage and embrace public insights or be creative, considered and consistent in your consultations then contact us and facilitate this! will work with you to do just that.

facilitate this! offers a tried and tested framework that complies with or exceeds guidance for consultation with the public and has been developed over many years of consultation; including town centre redevelopment; sustainability strategies; patient involvement and on and offshore wind farm developments. We work with you and key stakeholders to allow everyone a voice, the opportunity to influence and to build consensus on the final project delivery.

Are you Facilitating Public Consultations or Facilitating Engagement?

If you are tasked with engaging the public as part of your role then our facilitation fundamentals workshop will help you to prepare for and build confidence in working with diverse groups with competing agendas on highly emotive issues. Click here for further details.

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