Meeting Design & Facilitation - We do it Virtually too!

Meeting Facilitation

Designing meetings to match your objectives is our business and facilitating them is our passion! So if you have an event, away day or meeting to plan and you wish to commission with confidence, faciltiate this! has a facilitation force including IAF Certified Professional Facilitators™ ready to help!

Time spent in meetings can be costly if not used well. The cost of the time for those who are attending; the opportunity cost - what you could be doing were you not wasting your time in a poorly designed and run meeting; the cost to the team, project, organisation and relationships for lack of progress, loss of ideas, poor decisions and withdrawal from future meetings. Add frustration to the menu and the need to invest more time in the design and facilitation of meetings becomes more than apparent!

We can help take the strain!

All we need at facilitate this! are your meeting objectives, a background context and anything else you wish to tell us and we can design and facilitate your meeting to maximise participation and engagement, harness creativity and fun in the meeting process and keep achievement of your objectives at the heart of the process. If you have already designed your meeting and want to engage a facilitator to support group progress and process throughout the event then look no further.

When would a meeting facilitator be most valuable? 

Is the meeting…

  • One in which YOU need to participate fully rather than concern yourself with the people and the process?
  • A large group where you need to get the most out of everyone?
  • Where there are complex strategic issues to consider or problems to be solved?
  • Time for the whole team to review and take stock of progress and challenges?
  • Where there are competing agendas and interests and you need a neutral professional who can quickly win the confidence and trust of the group to support them to work through to resolution?
  • A new project launch, gateway or development phase?
  • Where the organisation and its stakeholders need to be involved and engaged in the process from vision to realisation?
  • A new group/project team that needs to be set up for success?
  • To celebrate the success of the team or organisation before action planning for the future? Tell us more!

Once we have your objectives…

You organise the people and we will take care of the design and facilitation of the meeting. We provide highly skilled and professional meeting facilitators to design and manage the meeting, keeping the group focussed on its objectives, facilitate difficult group dynamics and situations, maintain the energy and pace of the group, maximise participation and engagement in the content and facilitate decision making and consensus building, no matter where in the world if they are not in the same room.

Meeting effectiveness is only a phone call away!

Conference Facilitation- If you are planning a conference then have a look at our conference facilitation services for further information.

Virtual Facilitation- If you are running a virtual meeting and wish to engage a facilitator to host it then visit virtual meeting facilitation for further information, if you want to increase the skills of your team in hosting virtual meetings then invite us to run our Facilitating Virtual Meetings Workshop with your team.

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