One to One Facilitation Support

Do you need to get better at designing, chairing and facilitating meetings?

Do you have a meeting coming up that you know needs a little bit more from you and those attending? Perhaps you are unhappy with the way meetings have progressed (or not!) in the past and want to be sure that this one delivers progress whilst ensuring that the process builds commitment along the way? Are you struggling to know where to start with the agenda or how to get maximum input from those attending? Do you anticipate an emotional rollercoaster and worry that it will get out of control? Would you like to see this meeting achieve more input, balanced participation and progress than they do normally? Would you like to finish this meeting with you and all those attending feeling like it was time well spent and a job well done? If one or all of these speak to you then call us, we can help you plan the meeting and prepare you for success.

With our facilitate this! One to One support, we can work with you to prepare the meeting and coach and support you to enhance your performance in meeting design and management. Our professional facilitator will work alongside you in clarifying the agenda/workshop objectives and the spirit you wish to encourage, to understand the dynamics and challenges that you anticipate and to plan with you to prepare to minimise and manage the challenges whilst optimising the time and the people you have participating to make progress.

The benefits of One to One support are:

  • You can learn whilst doing, in your time, at your place of work, with a meeting that you are already planning to run
  • We will help build your insight into meeting planning and management and coach you in the skills, tools and interventions you can make to keep this and future meetings on time and on track whilst maximising participation and progress.
  • We can observe you in the meeting itself (in the room or you can send us your video files). We invite you to review them and then provide feedback and coaching on your skills and competence to support your ongoing development

Is it time to invest in your meeting facilitation skills? For more information about our One to One service contact or call us on Freephone 0808 1780714.

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