Team Facilitation & Away Days

Teams, like people, move through stages of development (if you get it right!) and need investment and protected time out together to facilitate working relationships and ways of working that will support their performance. Tuckman describes four stages of team development and within each there are challenges and opportunities to destroy or develop trust, close or open communication, develop silos or agree shared ways of working, entrench or resolve challenges and difficulties and embed blame or share learning from their experience. facilitate this! has experience of supporting teams at every stage of the journey including new start ups, entrenched conflicts within teams, comfortable and coasting teams and those teams that are continually challenging themselves and their organisation to deliver more....

Is your team:

  • forming, a new group/team or with new membership that needs to ‘set up for success’
  • storming, experiencing difficulties/conflicts that are in danger of undermining relationships and performance, looking to find ways through disagreement that will take them to a new level of performance
  • norming, comfortable and performing, perhaps struggling to get the best out of everyone, entrenched practice or lack of openness to new ideas
  • performing, delivering the results and seeking to enhance and stretch their performance, change leadership or encourage greater risk taking?

facilitate this! will design a day or development programme that will have the growth and performance of your team at the heart of its objectives. We will work with you to identify your starting point be that orientation, trust building, goals and roles, commitment, implementation, high performance or renewal and take the programme from there.

Why do it?

Investing in time out for a team can reap its worth in gold with any number of outcomes including; improved personal and professional relationships enhanced through greater understanding and appreciation of difference in thinking, learning and approach to task; greater openness and improved communication through structured review; systematic approaches to team problem solving and decision making through modelling and coaching during the day; concrete action plans for future work programmes, disputes resolved and strategies for dealing with future disputes in place and all the tools and techniques we use during the day available for you to use in facilitating future meetings and events through our commitment to transfer of learning.

Isn’t it time you took your team away? Contact us, tell us what you want to achieve and let us help you to design and facilitate a day away or a development programme that will get and help keep the team on top!

Fun AND Function - Team Away Days with a Difference

If you are planning an away day and wish to make progress on team objectives, promote team relationships and have some fun during the course of the day then we do that as part of our everyday planning, using metaphor, team challenges and a creative license wherever the programme and your flexibility allows. If your objectives weigh heavily towards celebration, bonding and letting the team hair down then facilitate this! will help to organise that too.

Working together with an established event management team and outdoor team development company we can build in team activities and adventure from Archery to Zumba, Chariot building and racing to 4×4 off roading and drum workshops, to leaps of faith on high rope team and inter-team challenges.

By combining skilled professional facilitation for your meeting design with a team challenge or adventure as part of your programme you can get the best of professional/team and personal development. For our clients we have successfully combined bespoke facilitation skills programmes with dance classes, drum workshops, theme park visits, high rope challenges and paint balling. Build in team reviews and learning workshops and the experience, learning and impact of the event will be remembered for a long time to come.

Let us to take the strain and design, co-ordinate and facilitate a development  event with a difference. Contact us and we can get to work on your brief!

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